Ceilings fans

We can replace your ceiling fan or install a new fan with a fan rated support.

Llight fixtures

Replace or install new fixtures, add can lights, flood lights, LED fixtures, change light bulbs or replace with LED bulbs, servicing all your lighting needs

Panel change out or Service upgrades

Panel humming, buzzing or arcing, Breakers tripping or will not reset. 


Faulty outlets, switches, GFCI's tripping, broken light sockets, damaged wiring

Landscaping and Accent Lighting

Garden lighting, Driveway lighting, soffit lights

New Construction/Remodeling

Looking to build a new home? Remodeling your existing home? Ensure either project is wired to code or better. 



Changing bulbs, fixtures, adding new fixtures, installing LED fixtures or retro fitting existing fixtures.


Changeout outlets, switches, installing remote switches, changing plates

New Construction

Electrical work from permits to installation of devices.

Remodel or Change of use

Remodeling your office? Your tenants moved out an need to change the layout? Our team can ensure the proper placement for your new tenants and existing service can handle the change out.

New Machinery

Installing new circuits for new machinery.